How To Clean Your Carpets

Your brand-new carpet can often start looking stained or dull very quickly. That is especially true if you have pets or young children that bring in lots of grime and dirt into your house. The following are some tips offered by a carpet cleaning company, so you can freshen your carpet up.

It is not easy to keep your carpet looking new and clean, but it isn’t necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaning company yet.

In order to get the best usage and value out of your carpets, try out the tips below for cleaning your own carpets.

It is essential to carry out regular upkeep and maintenance to extend the lifespan of your carpets. If you vacuum on a weekly basis and don’t let people wear shoes inside your house, that can add an extra five years or even more to your carpet’s life.  Regular vacuum cleaning eliminates grime and dust which prevents them from getting ground into the fibres of your carpet.  Banning external shoes and allowing only slippers or socks to be worn, prevents hard materials such as grit wearing down the fibres in your carpet and prevents oil from the skin getting into your carpets.

If your carpet gets stained, or an especially dirty event occurs such as a wet dog comes into your house, there are a number of different carpet cleaning products that you can make yourself at home. When you use these in addition to some basic carpet cleaning tips, then you can ensure your carpets look brand new once again.

If you have a large area of carpet that needs to be cleaned, be sure to use only a warm water solution. When warm water is used the oils and grime can be broken down more thoroughly and faster. Commercially available cleaning products from the grocery store can be used, but a basic mix of white vinegar and water can be just as effective. White vinegar will pull marks out of carpet fibres to make your carpet softer and cleaner.

Shaving cream is an effective general stain remover.  When you directly apply shaving cream to a stain and allow it to sit for thirty minutes, it will remove most kinds of stains.  Once the shaving cream has had a chance to set, blow it away gently using a white, dry cloth. Then rinse the area using a solution of water and white vinegar.

Any time you are cleaning a carpet stain, you need to make sure you blot the area that is affected and rub side to side. When you rub, it may cause the fibres in the carpet to breakdown, and force stain particles into your carpet.

It is possible for carpet cleaning to be an easy and simple task as long as you use the carpet cleaning tips above. It can also save you money when you don’t need to purchase commercial cleaning products.

However, there are times when people don’t have enough time to clean their carpets properly, or they might have especially hard stains to get rid of. In those situations, the best thing to do is to contact a professional carpet cleaning company.